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Person Centered Counselling

 Person-Centered Counselling is a talk therapy that is client-centered.The root of the approach is the client. It is about your needs and what you want out of your sessions. I do not offer any advice or quick fixes. I will work with you at your own pace and support you to find your own self-awareness and enable you to be more in tune with what's going on within yourself. I believe that given the right environment you are able to find your own solutions in yourself, and work out what is best for you. I am able to supply this environment. 

I believe the relationship between the counsellor and the client is the foundation of a strong therapeutic relationship. I strive to make you feel comfortable and held so no matter what you bring to a session you feel supported and understood.

This can sound overwhelming, but this I believe will lead to us exploring the cause to any problems.

Leaving you in a place where you are more able to face the future.